Me and Orla’s Simply Beautiful Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we’ve been talking to a few of our favourite bloggers about their idea of a simply beautiful Christmas. Our first collaboration is with photographer and mama extraordinaire Sara, otherwise known as ‘Me’ in Me and Orla (@me_and_orla).

When we first met Sara earlier this year we instantly fell in love with her dreamy photographs and beautiful styling (and gorgeous little Orla too of course!) Each day her feed is full of simply stunning images of her life in Yorkshire, with lots of beautiful florals in the mix too.

Sara Tasker from Me and Orla

This weekend Sara is taking over our instagram to give us a little glimpse into her world as she gets ready for Christmas.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to chat to Sara about the most magical time of the year, her favourite festive traditions and, of course, what makes a simply beautiful Christmas.

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me and orla roses

What’s your idea of a simply beautiful Christmas?

Heaps of fresh evergreens, fresh white snow and white fairy lights everywhere. A few special people at the table, enough food for everyone and a proper fire to gather around in the evening.

Christmas for me is very much to do with those old, simple rituals – glittering lights in the darkest months, evergreens in the dead of the winter, welcoming in a new year and saying goodbye to the last.

I’ve been pinning some of my favourite images on pinterest which has been making me feel very Christmassy!

You post such thoughtful images everyday. How do you stay inspired?

I get inspiration from everywhere and anywhere! The other instagrammers and bloggers I follow, the amazing landscape I live in, the books I read and the people I meet. I see the world in pictures, and my instagram account is an attempt to try and capture some of those moments before they escape and are forgotten.

Letterbox flowers from Bloom & Wild | The Beatrix

The Beatrix is your favourite arrangement from our Christmas collection. Why have these flowers caught your imagination?

Timeless is a word that gets thrown about an awful lot, but the evergreens and simple details here could really be from a Christmas in any century. The scent of pine, rosemary and cinnamon gives me instant Christmas tingles.

Your daughter Orla’s influence can be felt in a lot of your images. Has Christmas changed for you since she came along?

Having young children definitely brings back some of the old magic of Christmas – Orla’s nearly 2, so this is the first year where she’s really excited by gifts and sparkly lights.

It also means there’s a lot less time, so while I’ve sent no cards this year and haven’t baked my usual haul, I think I’ve prioritised the rituals that really matter, & simplified things in the process

What for you is the one sign that means Christmas has begun?

It’s my birthday at the very end of November, so as soon as that’s passed I’m in the Christmas spirit! Since moving out of the city I’ve noticed that small towns & villages launch Christmas a lot later – the lights in our nearest town went up a full month after those in our old Manchester suburb, and that somehow makes it feel a bit more special again.

Which is the most magical time: Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

I’m all about Christmas morning – waking early, shivering under blankets, unwrapping gifts by the light of the tree. Christmas Eve always seems to be full of duty, family obligations and general prep, though I’m trying hard to simplify and say no to those things this year.

This is the perfect time of year for snuggling up on the sofa with a classic film. What’s your ultimate Christmas movie?

The original BBC ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ series is essential Christmas viewing, rubbish special effects & all. I also love The Polar Express – it gives me the Christmas tingles like I’m 6 years old again!

Which Christmas story are you most excited about sharing with Orla one day?

I love J.R.R. Tolkien’s  ‘Letters from Father Christmas’, which he wrote for his children as they grew up. Father C has lovely shaky handwriting and there are wonderful little drawings and stories scribbled onto the pages. Magical stuff.

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