An Interview with Diana from The Mamahood

“When mothers support eachother, incredible things happen”
The Mamahood

Last year Diana Bardega set up The Mamahood, a community which runs creative and inspiring local events for mothers. In a month where we are celebrating mothers we love, Diana tops the list. We find the work that she does so inspiring that we even named our Mother’s Day bouquet after her. Today we’ve been speaking to Diana about everything Mamahood and mama related.

What inspired you to start up The Mamahood?
I started The Mamahood from my own experience of having kids. There is a famous African Proverb that says ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and yet, from me, it couldn’t have been further from that. I wasn’t prepared for how isolating and life-changing having a child would be. I was the first of my friends to have kids, I don’t have family close by and well, there were so many times when I just felt so alone. Motherhood for all its joy, found me grappling with how to take care of and parent another human being but also navigating my way through identity, guilt, community, returning to work, making time for myself in the chaos of it all.

And it just struck me that despite the huge amount of online content – forums, networks, Facebook groups, blogs – how can we as mothers actually MEET other mothers who live in our own local communities? And more than that, how do we find other like-minded mothers and connect with them because of who we are not just because we have babies? So I started The Mamahood. I wanted to create something that enabled women to put their phones down and actually connect face to face with fellow mothers that live around the corner. To give mothers a chance to meet and make and share and create and talk and trade together.
And that is what The Mamahood is. We partner with some amazing creative businesses to host workshops that are exclusively for mothers. All at times that suit mothers (regardless of whether they have returned to work or not) and always local. We share amazing mum-run businesses to encourage mothers to support and buy from each other. We organise events and activities that bring mothers together to connect and collaborate and remind them that they aren’t alone. They are part of an amazing community…and when mothers support each other incredible things really do happen!

diana desk

What do you think inspires people to get involved it and why is it so important for mums especially?
The Mamahood brings mothers together to learn new creative skills and I think this is probably the most inspiring part of The Mamahood. In my view creativity and motherhood are completely interlinked. So many mothers have their children and then re-connect to a creative dream and many of us of course find creative ways of working to fit around family life. So creative events, are wonderful way to connect mamas. Like-minded mothers have a chance to meet and learning a new skill or craft is such a lovely relaxing way to spend some of that very precious time for themselves.

What has been the biggest highlight of The Mamahood?
The Mamahood is still relatively new – less than a year old still but there have already been so many highlights! Every workshop so far has sold out and through instagram I have loved meeting and connecting with the most inspiring mothers who also understand and believe in what I am trying to create. I must also mention, I loved partnering with Babyccino Kids last year to bring creative workshops to their wonderful Shop Up for the first time! Our wreath workshops with Bloom & Wild saw mothers of all ages making and creating together.

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Where do you want The Mamahood to be in five years time?
In five years I would like to see Mamahood’s up and down the country! If you are a mama and would love to see our creative events and workshops available in your own community, then we can easily start it for you! This year will see Mamahood workshops starting in SW London, Sussex and Kent and if you are interested in helping us grow it even further afield we would love to hear from you!


What is your personal favourite thing about being a mother?
I have two children (Noah, 5 and Grace 4). There is no denying it, bringing up kids is HARD WORK. Its messy and joyful..difficult and beautiful…exhausting and exhilarating all in one go. But I love how being a mother has made me feel stronger and braver. I am still learning of course, I don’t have all the answers.. but I am on this precious journey with two very special little people who teach me so much and for that I am so grateful.

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