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Posy Making with Paperchase

On Thursday we headed to the Paperchase flagship store to host posy making workshops. With our Mother’s Day bouquets to hand, teeny-tiny Paperchase jars and plenty of ribbon we shared our top tips on making the perfect posy – the best way to make your blooms go even further. Today we’ve included a short video to show you some of our posy making tips so you can try this at home. If you want to see some sneak peak photographs of the event be sure to scroll and have a browse through.

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Amelia Rope Chocolate Heaven Cake Recipe

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to treat your mum, and there’s nothing more indulgent than a delicious chocolate cake. We’ve teamed up with the chocolatier Amelia Rope to bring you a heavenly cake which is a tried and tested recipe for success with it being Amelia’s mum’s favourite.  Amelia Rope devises her recipes by tapping on her skills as a previously qualified aromatherapist. Her goal is to leave you with balance between the flavour and chocolate and end with a very clean note. This gluten free and totally indulgent chocolate cake is one of her treats to her mother for Mothers Day. This recipe was made using Amelia’s Madagascan chocolate but you can use any chocolate you like.

Photographs by Amelia Rope & Mary Wadsworth.

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An Interview with Diana from The Mamahood

“When mothers support eachother, incredible things happen”
The Mamahood

Last year Diana Bardega set up The Mamahood, a community which runs creative and inspiring local events for mothers. In a month where we are celebrating mothers we love, Diana tops the list. We find the work that she does so inspiring that we even named our Mother’s Day bouquet after her. Today we’ve been speaking to Diana about everything Mamahood and mama related.

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Cheerz Winner & December Competition Announcement

Last month we announced a very exciting competition over on Instagram where you could win a Cheerz box of prints if you shared your Bloom & Wild bouquet using the hashtag #letterboxflowers. It’s been a struggle to pick our favourites as we’ve had so many beautiful blooms snaps, however there could only be one winner of the £50 Cheerz vouchers & 3 months of Bloom & Wild flowers.

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Parkin with Vanilla mallow fluff: Bonfire Night baking with The Marshmallowist

The smell of bonfires is in the air, and fireworks are lighting up the night skies which means only one thing; 5th November is just around the corner.

We’ve been so inspired by the Bonfire Night that we’ve created our own limited edition bouquet to celebrate. And, because no Bonfire Night is complete without something sweet, we asked Oonagh Simms, otherwise known as The Marshmallowist, for her favourite seasonal snack.

She’s been kind enough to share her recipe for traditional Parkin, but with a fluffy marshmallow twist, that’s perfect for serving up at a bonfire party.

With no need for napkins, plates, forks it’s the ideal treat to eat under firework-filled skies.

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